Day 2 (and the evening of day 1) we hit California’s famous redwoods, which are very big trees. So big it is almost impossible to take a photo of one and maintain the sense of scale- but we’ve given it a red hot go.

Early settlers decided to hack most of the redwoods down for furniture to the point that only 4% of the original trees survived. We were impressed that as early as 1930 the rest of the redwoods became protected and those are the ones we see today. There is now young growth everywhere and in about 1500 years they should be back to full size. 


We spent the morning at Trillium Falls.    

That afternoon we went to Trees of Mystery – a brilliant old park with informative signs and audio about the ‘mysterious’ trees. 

We had SUCH a great time here and highly recommend it! The signage is wonderfully old fashioned and covered with vines and creepers. There are little audio bits that sound like mid-century radio shows. And yes, the trees are GIANT.        

Perhaps the best part is the gondola that takes you up above the canopy for a different perspective.  Edit       


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