Navy museums

Walrus spent some time at two of the Bay Area naval museums- a submarine, the USS Pampanito, and an aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet. 

The Pampanito was the first submarine I’ve seen and gave me a new appreciation for how complicated these machines were, and how crap it would have been to serve on one. 16 hour shifts in a swaying tub, shared with 80 other men and 4 Diesel engines. The submarine had a decent audio guide with interviews from men who served on submarines. 

   Imagine the other tourists’ surprise as Captain Walrus rigged us for dive. 

  Spacious kitchen for spending 16 hours a day in.

  30+ bunks in this one room

 The captain got a luxurious bed with its own depth gauge, fold out table and what appears to be 2 small shelves. 

  Torpedoes go in, winning the war comes out!

Time for a flag.
The USS Hornet was a very different prospect, a showpiece of our ability to do really big, cool things when we put our minds to it. This carrier took only one year to build, all 44,000 tones of it. 

The museum itself was fantastic, you pay for entry and are let loose upon (almost) all of the carrier to explore. There are docents scattered throughout, and they occasionally take tours whenever they feel like it depending on what they feel like. Most of them served on the Hornet or similar ships and they had great stories to tell. 


  Female toilet sign on the carrier deck of the Hornet


Blurry photo of the cute call signs that Blue Squadron used in their ready room.
On reflection, I could have found better photos of the carrier. 


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