Spent some time (not enough!) at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, a gigantic science museum full of hands-on experiments and experiences. Walrus got in with a teacher discount, despite explaining he had only taught in Australia and was now retired. Said the clerk “we are all educators!”.

We spent almost three hours there and only left because they cut the power at 5pm to get rid of everyone. 

  Very large.

 Very interesting.
 Very science! 
 They had real scientists in cages down the hallway so you can watch them work and have a chat. Apparently different scientists come each day. Today it was an exciting team of biologists who sift through bird poo counting how many fish earbones are in there, to get a picture of the birds’ diet. How good is science!?
    Saying hi on the IR camera

Transmitting faces to each other 4m apart. Thank you lenses!


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